• Student Expectations:


    • Come to class on time and ready to work
    • Do not speak when the Teacher is speaking
    • Missed work is your responsibly to make up
    • Rubrics are your responsibility to have when turning projects
    • Please respect school property.
    • Professional behavior is expected at all time.
    • Do not operate equipment with out knowledge of its operation and proper safety.
    • No gum or food  in the classroom.
    • Report any broken equipment to the teacher
    • No electronic equipment is to used during class
    • Keep your work station clean and neat
    • You must sign out to leave the class room and you need a pass
    • Be aware of all fire drill, lock down rules and procedures
    • Practice effective time management skills by staying on task and working on assigned assignments
    • Have fun while learning.


    Teacher’s Expectations:


    • To provide a safe learn environment.
    • Give ample notice of all assignments and projects.
    • Maintain open communication between Teacher, Student, and Parents
    • Provide extra help and answer all questions.
    • Extra Help after school on Thursday till 3:30 or by appointment
    • Extra Help before school with prior arrangements.


    Courses Evaluation and Assignments:



    Tests and Quizzes 20%
    Daily log 10%
    Projects 70%
    Total 100%
Last Modified on September 13, 2018