• geometry        Geometry CP                                                                                                    

    Overview       Geometry combines the essential elements of plane geometry and the basics of solid geometry. Strong emphasis is placed on deductive reasoning and writing original proofs. In addition, the student is given the opportunity to develop powers of spatial visualization, strengthen basic algebraic skills, and learn to use precise and clear mathematical language. A strong background in Algebra I is required from the beginning of the course.

    Required Materials

    • Three Ring Math Binder
    • Scientific Calculator- needed
    • Graphing Calculator (Ti-83 or Ti-84 Recommended)- suggested
    • You are not required to bring the textbook to class. If we are using the textbook in class, you will be able to access the online textbook through your device.
    • Home access to a Computer/ Chrome Tablet

    MHS Standards      

    • These standards are designed to promote responsibility and encourage the students to seek the appropriate help when they encounter difficulty. 

    Study Resources       


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