•           Mathematical Methods for Engineering                                                                                           

    Overview     This course is intended for students that have completed the AP Calculus BC curriculum or equivalent, and are therefore ready for a sophomore-level college math class. This course does not replace any college class, but rather serves as a survey and preparation for a broad range of college courses, touching on some applications that will motivate the student through his or her first few years of college math coursework and introductory science and engineering classes. The topics in the curriculum of this class have been chosen based upon the fact that they support ideas that are found in many areas of applications. The ideas presented here include multivariable calculus, linear algebra, Fourier analysis, and some work in differential equations, with the intention of ultimately supporting an understanding of the notion of basis sets of functions. The choice of topics is intended to provide a glimpse into some of the exciting successes of applied mathematics, and to prepare the student to more readily understand topics such as quantum mechanics, heat transfer, modes of oscillation, and signal processing.   

     Required Materials

    • Three Ring Binder , Sharpened Pencils and Eraser
    • Graphing Calculator (Ti-84 Plus CE)
    • You are not required to bring the textbook to class. If we are using the textbook in class, you will be able to access the online textbook through your device.
    • Home access to a Computer/Chrome tablet

    MHS Standards      

    • These standards are designed to promote responsibility and encourage the students to seek the appropriate help when they encounter difficulty. 

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