Degrees and Certifications:

To Mr. Chesbro's Students Requesting Recommendations:

Any recommendation requests (automated portals or letter to envelope) must first be preceded by a personalized request after the student/parent reviews the following courtesies:
Please consider the following when requesting a letter of recommendation:
1. It is a favor I do for you. It's like asking to borrow money. Be gracious, and be appreciative of the time it takes to write it. Ask with grace.
2. You need to fill out ALL of the paperwork (Your name, address, etc...) in advance--I will not do this for you.
3. Supply a STAMPED and addressed envelope with the recommendation if it is a recommendation to be mailed.
4. Recommendations take a considerable amount of a teacher's personal time. Do not take it personally if I am unable to write a letter for you. 
5. Submit your request for a recommendation letter at least two weeks in advance, and specify a deadline.
6. Recommendation letters are confidential. You may not read it unless I choose to willingly share it with you. If the letter of recommendation is submitted through an online portal, then you may not have access. 
7. Please provide a detailed resume of your interests, accomplishments, awards and honors, etc.
Thanks for reading and considering.