• Absences

      Excused Absence: Sickness
      Unexcused Absence: Vacations and trips
      Note that teachers are not required to provide work for unexcused absences. We often do, at the expense of our personal time. Please respect this extension of time by making any requests for absent work via email as soon as you are able. 
      Students are allowed one class period to make up any missed lessons. Lessons are designed with links to data, videos, and photos to help the student learn content from home.
      Students may use the following resources to stay up to date:
      1. The Helping Friendly Document: Students may scroll down to the bottom of the document to see future lesson plans. See main page for link.
      2. The Helping Friendly Box--Daily handouts are placed in a hanging file folder for any student that is absent. It is expected that the returning student visits the Helping Friendly Box.