Photo I is a semester course that introduces the four major areas of study in the fine arts: Themes and Forms; Core Concepts; Techniques and Tools; and Culture & History.  The course is designed to provide a strong foundation in traditional black and white photography techniques, while building a strong foundation in the visual arts.  Signature experiences will be tempered by smaller assignments, technical lessons and demonstrations.  Photo I is designed to provide a foundation that students will refer to in all future courses in the fine arts and photography.

       Photo I Topics

    History of Photography

    Camera Body & Functions

    Content, Context & Composition

    Basic Darkroom Techniques

    Photograms / Camera Obscura / Pinhole Cameras

    Shutter Speed / Motion Control

    Aperature / Depth of Field

    Alternative Darkroom Techniques & Processes

    Presentation / Matting & Mounting Work

    Historical & Contemporary Photographer
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