PhotoIII is a year long course designed for students who are seriously interested inphotography as their artistic medium. Students will start creating pieces thatcan be used within a college portfolio. At this advanced level students will befamiliar with the idea of signature experiences: they will be accustomed toproducing major projects which stratify the areas of study through the spiraltheory. Through this course students will explore movements and themes throughoutart and photographic history and develop photographs through proposed questionsand themes. Advanced techniques will be introduced based on the aesthetic needsof the student. The course will provide guidance toward technical competence,visual understanding, and the ability to communicate ideas and conceptsclearly. Students are expected to engage in running critical dialogues: toself-critique. They will rely on their peers as a constant source of formal andinformal feedback.

    Advanced Photography Topics

    Content, Context & Composition

    Advanced Black & White Technique

    Digital Technique

    Advanced Multimedia Compilations

    Alternative Processes

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