AP Photo is a year-long course is designed for students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of art-making, including thecreation of a college portfolio. The core of the course consists of intensive, guided exploration of media, demonstrations, reference gathering, inspirational lectures and presentations, weekly group or individual critiques, reflections, and frequent sketch booking. The work from fall semester is structured and varied, and will make up the majority of the Breadth of the AP exam, and the bulk of the college portfolio if applicable. The fall semester is comprised of teacher-initiated assignments. Students will have time to experiment with media and concepts. The spring semester will be devoted to developing a body of work for the Concentration section of the AP exam, and for the solo exhibit at the district wide Arts Extravaganza. Students are expected to work more independently in the spring: mastering their media and engaging deeply with the themes and content of the concentration. In building the portfolio, students experience a variety of concepts, techniques and approaches designed to help them demonstrate their abilities as well as their versatility with techniques, problem solving, and conceptualization.

Last Modified on September 25, 2013