• About Us

    The MHS Band Parents Association is a non-profit organization which provides financial and volunteer support for educational and musical opportunities and activities for students in the MHS band program that are beyond the responsibility of the board of education.


    We are an all-volunteer organization consisting solely of parents of current band students. All parents of band students are automatically MHSBPA members. There are no dues or membership fees.

    The Executive Board normally meets monthly throughout the school year. General Membership meetings are held approximately 4 times per year. All members are encouraged to attend General Membership meetings.

    The success of the organization relies entirely on the involvement of MHSBPA members and their volunteer efforts, large and small.

    Who We Support

    We support all of these bands:

    • Curricular bands (which meet for a class period during the school day):
      • Wind Ensemble
      • Symphonic Winds
      • Symphonic Band
    • Jazz bands (which meet after school, typically several days per week):
      • Jazz Band
      • Stage Band
    • Marching Band (which meets during the summer and after school in the fall, as well as some weekends)
    • Basketball Band (which meets in the winter several evenings per week)
    • Pit Band (which meets before musical productions as needed)
    • And more!
    How We Raise Funds

    We typically raise funds by:

    • Selling food and merchandise at band or school events;
    • Selling items obtained from companies specializing in fundraising;
    • Organizing and running performances or events where fees may be charged to perform and/or admission may be charged to attend;
    • Soliciting businesses for donations of money, goods, or services for the benefit of the band and its student members;
    • Soliciting the public for donations of money, goods, or services for the benefit of the band and its student members;
    • Offering opportunities to businesses and the public to sponsor scholarships and awards for the benefit of the band and its student members.
    How We Use Funds

    The funds we raise are typically used for:

    • Providing scholarships to graduating senior students of the Band to be used in their academic pursuits;
    • Funding nationally known conductors to visit Montgomery High School to conduct clinics for students in the bands;
    • Paying for awards given to all students in the band program at the end of each academic year;
    • Funding guest artists to perform with or for students in the band program and for the public;
    • Funding leadership training activities for band student officers;
    • Paying for staff instructors or other personnel to assist the Band Director(s) during band activities;
    • Purchasing necessary equipment needed by parent volunteers to perform duties at band events;
    • Defraying the cost of the annual band awards banquet;
    • Funding band day trips that expand and enhance the music education experience provided in the band program;
    • Paying for professional recordings of band concerts and performances to allow students to assess their performance and to create an archive of performance progress;
    • Commissioning original compositions for performance by the bands;
    • Securing concert venues for the band;
    • Defraying costs of district-approved band trips;
    • Defraying costs, where needed and where approved by the Board, for individual students to participate in band activities and to attend band events. 
    Please Volunteer ~ We Need Your Help!