• Unit 7 – Chemical Reactions: Particles and Energy
    This unit aligns with textbook chapter 9.  Additional reasources are listed below.
    chemteam info has a whole section devoted to reaction types and balancing
    Test preparation
    u7 test- classifying chemical reactions, balancing reactions, describing energy transfer in chemical reactions.  Practice describing reactions in words (macro and micro scale), symbols, particle diagrams,  Given any representation of a chemical reaction, students should be able to produce any other representation.  Be sure to show ions correctly in particle diagrams, make correct use of the terms "formula units" "molecules" "atoms" or "ions" when describing reactions at particle level.  Review also from unit 5 the steps to calculate an empirical formula from %composition, or from other mass data. 
    3. Worksheet 1: Balancing Equations 

    Student Reading: Chemical  Equations visionlearning.com

    4. Worksheet 2: More Balanced Equations

    Student Reading: Lavoisier and His Law

    Phet simulations balancing chemical equations
    8. Summary of reaction Types
    9. The role of energy in reactions

    Student Reading: Compare Exothermic and Endothermic