• Quantum Mechanics

    Chapter 6 covers a variety of topics related to quantum mechanics.
    Chapter slide show (study the slides near the end of the slow show especially carefully)
    The following website contains an atom building game.  See if you can build carbon.
    click on the atom builder activity
    The following websites contain useful data, applets and tutorials for this chapter
    Photoelectron spectroscopy is a relatively new topic on the AP exam, but provides a useful piece of evidence for the orbital structure of multielectron elements.

    Chapter 4 slideshow
    chpt 6.
    chpt 6 continued.

    Chapter 6 study review game

    Chemteam.info has some problems related to electromagnetism and electrons, but lacks depth in presenting some of the later problems around electron configuration.  This their link on electromagnetism 
    (Following is a study guide on electron structure, from an honors class several years ago)