• Kinetics

    Chapter 14 Slideshow
    Useful links to related websites are found within the slideshow.
    Kinetics Data is here for 2015 iodate clock lab.  Be sure to select the tab at the bottom for your own class.  The methods varied slightly from section to section, so you may have difficulty analyzing the results if you try to combine another classes data with your own.
     Instructions for the lab report 2015 iodate clock lab
    Chem team index provides an excellent tutorial and practice for almost any chem topic.  Specifically, kinetics
    This reaction rate simulation provides a good visual understanding of collision theory and reaction rates. This requires Java enabled browser.
    Attached to this link is a series of questions and activities which go along with the reaction rate simulation. 
    This is a sample of some kinetics free response questions, from a previous year AP exam.