• Stephanie Chen '08 (Carnegie Mellon)

    Hi MHS Students,

    Best of luck throughout your 4 years. The first couple years of college were a breeze for me because the teachers at MHS really prepared me well for self-managing the workload I would later have at Carnegie Mellon. Word of advice: I took a lot of AP classes throughout high school and they helped clear out a lot of gen ed (general education) requirements, which gave me the opportunity to take classes I was more interested in, and allowed me to graduate a semester early.

    Many of my friends, and myself included have found that some of the best teachers we've ever had come from high school. At MHS we got a lot more individualized attention; in universities a lot of times class sizes are huge and/or professors get really caught up with their research. I know it may be hard at times, but definitely try to keep that in perspective.

    I'm now working for 1 of the big 4 accounting firms (if you're going into the financial/business world, it's good to know the big 4). It's a great experience, but at the same time I'm reminded that I should have taken more time to enjoy the hike and not just the view at the summit. Have fun and don't stress too much; college and life afterward will come relatively painlessly.

    All the best,
    Steph Chen
Last Modified on August 12, 2015