• Option II

    What is Option II?

    Option II is an alternative way of learning, either in-class or online, to recover credits from a course you failed during the regular school session (credit recovery), or to receive credits for a course you have not already taken (original credit).  A P (pass with credits) or F (fail with no credits) will appear on your transcript.

    Option II courses can also be taken for enrichment. Those grades and credits will not appear on your transcript.

    Option II cannot take the place of a course that is an academic course required for graduation, such as English 9-12, US History I & II, etc., unless it is for credit recovery or you are transfer student.

    For further information on Option II, see the Montgomery High School Program of Studies.

    How do I apply?

    1.      Complete the  Option II Application (Google Doc - Make a Copy)  Option II Application (PDF), including the rationale for taking the course (i.e. to fulfill a specific graduation requirement, to be able to take a course required for the next sequential course, to mediate a conflict in my schedule, to explore an area of interest not offered at MHS).

    2.      Attach the Course Description or Syllabus from the links here

    Classes for Make-Up Credit - (You have failed a class and need to make it up)

    Classes for New Credit (You have never taken the class before)

    3.      Submit both pieces to your Guidance Counselor for approval.

    Your counselor will review your application and submit it to the content area supervisor and the school principal (or designee). If you do not get prior approval for the course, you will not receive credit for the course.

    Which classes are offered?

    Option II classes can be taken for any one of the following reasons:

    ·         Credit Recovery – If you have failed a course and would like to make up the credits.

    ·         Original Credit – If you would like credit for a course you have not already taken.

    ·         Enrichment – If you would like to take a non-credit course for your own interest and development.


    Proficiency Assessments

    Proficiency assessments, administered by the content area supervisor or designee, may be required for Option II credits to be received.

    Math students must show a minimum proficiency in order to receive credit and to determine your ability to advance to the next course.

    Some language courses require proficiency assessment as well. Other courses may require a portfolio of work completed.


Last Modified on June 14, 2023