• The People Project 
    The People Project is a student-driven initiative.  The mission of the People Project is to change the culture of Montgomery High School by addressing issues that are prevalent to the student body.  The People Project creates interactive presentations to foster innovative ways of thinking to overcome the daily challenges of life.
    2014-2015 Members of The People Project:
    Adrian Angon-Bravo, Luiza Araujo, Nicole Clarke, Ariel Epstein, Brian Giordano, Nasya Hristov, Kevin Kuc, Alexandra Millett, Nicolas Nappa, Brendan Simpson, Nicholas Solazzo, Allison Vinci.
    Any questions/comments, please direct them to Christine Grossmann, SAC

      Meet the members of "The People Project"
    The People Project  
    Nasya Hristov, Kevin Kuc, Nicole Clarke, Nicolas Nappa, Nicholas Solazzo,
    Luiza Araujo, Ariel Epstein, Aliya Greenburg, Megan McKenchie, Anid Laoui 
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    Respect Others:  This video demonstrates the power of choice.  Nick Nappa, a People Project member "chooses" to litter the school halls thinking he will not hurt anyone.  Part of respecting our school is keeping it clean.  Let's respect our school.. respect others.. and respect our custodial staff!
    Respect Yourself: This video answers the question - "How do you respect yourself?"
    R-E-S-P-E-C-T: This video is a reminder of the meaning of respect.
    Online Respect Cyberbullying: This video illustrates the dangers of cyberbullying through sub-tweeting.
    Self Harm (This video was shown in conjunction with an interactive presentation about self-harm): This film follows two stories of two separate students. The first story is about a girl named Sarah who isolates herself from her friends when she feels the academic pressures of high school. The second story depicts a boy named Nick, who self mutilates, particularly cutting himself, to cope with the athletic and academic pressures that are put upon him; as well as those he puts on himself. This film is meant to show how everyone has to deal with issues and everyone should be mindful of that fact. 
    It is important to note that there are multiple avenues that you can take to get help.  If you believe that you or someone that you know is facing an issue with self-harm, please speak with an adult or friend that you trust.  You do not have to handle this alone.  
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