• Raheel Saleem, School Counselor
    (609) 466-7602 x6166

       Raheel Saleem has been working within the New Jersey public education system for over five years as a school counselor, for two years at Moorestown High School and over three years at Robbinsville High School.  Not only did Mr. Saleem hone his skills as a counselor; he also served as the local scholarship chairperson, Intervention and Referral Services Team member, Individual Educational Plan Team member, assistant swim coach for boys and girls swim teams, and head coach for the girls and boys tennis teams.  Mr. Saleem enjoys connecting with his students on various levels and has enjoyed being a mentor for all his students.  After earning a Bachelors degree in psychology from Rowan University, Mr. Saleem worked for two years as the marketing coordinator for an engineering firm in NYC.  Seeking a career where his focus would be more on helping others, Mr. Saleem earned a Masters in School Counseling from Monmouth University in 2006.


       Mr. Saleem’s philosophy of counseling is immersed in the belief that he must work collaboratively with everyone involved in a child’s education and that his focus is to be an advocate for the child by demonstrating genuine compassion and empathy for the student while building rapport with the student as well as the parent, staff and community.  By creating these important bonds, Mr. Saleem  strives to assist students in reaching their academic, emotional, and social goals.

Last Modified on March 27, 2017