• Daire Ryan '12 (St. Joseph's University)


    I am proud to say that I am an alumni of MHS, class of 2012. There is not enough good that I could say about the high school which prepared me for college. All the advice and guidance that was provided truly has led me to the right university. The teachers, administrators and your peers are really there as support. The many information sessions and college prep opportunities provided are there for you, take advantage of them. I know it may be scary to admit that you will one day have to decide, but preparing for that and learning whats best for you is what these sessions are for. 

    Taking a chance to explore high school is only the beginning of what is out there for you to explore in college. Take advantage of it while its familiar to you because before you know it the time will come for you to leave the comfort you find there. If it weren't for all the opportunities in high school, I'm not sure I would have felt as comfortable jumping into a new environment so enthusiastically. Since leaving the high school I have continued to grow but know that where I am now is because of where I used to be. It's the things in high school that I did which led me to branch out even more at college. Although I struggled to change my major, I knew the people in the high school knew me best. They had seen me grow and knew my strengths and weaknesses almost as well as I did. I took a chance and asked old teachers and guidance counselors for advice when figuring out what best fit my mentality in deciding a major. You can't forget about the past too much, because it leads you to your future. 

    The challenges I chose to face since then have led me to figure out where I want my future to go and what it is I want to dedicate my career to. If it were not for the preparation the high school provided I would not have felt as comfortable returning home knowing they were still there as support when I didn't know what to do. Not only did this help, but so did the idea that I am not alone. Remembering that the rest of your graduating class is adjusting to their new lifestyle outside of the town and that your new classmates are beginning to adjust to the same environment as you helps. Knowing you're not alone in the biggest transition you have made on your own is comforting and something the high school does its best to prepare you for. The atmosphere is the biggest shock because believe it or not, block scheduling is a great tool that you can use to prepare yourself for college. Having the change of transition from traditional to block scheduling my junior year made the college schedule a breeze to get used to, compared to my new classmates.  

    Best of Luck! 
    Daire Ryan
    St. Joseph's University (Class of 2016) 

Last Modified on August 12, 2015